Dear Diary

It’s Monday again.  This Monday I woke up and Daddy was gone already and Mommy picked me up and took me to the window.  Every time there’s white stuff outside she wants me to see it.  There was white stuff on the floor and the trees and everywhere — it was nice.  But the windows are really cool!  They feel good and I like playing with them.  I always play with them when Mommy wants me to look outside.

There’s a new thing here too, it’s called a tent I think.  Mommy and Daddy said it came from a friend and now it’s for me.  I like to read in it and play with my toys, and then I like to come out because Mommy is out.


I have a big box of all my toys in it, and I like to sit on the floor and pull them all out to see them.  And eat them.  Right now my leg is in the box and it feels funny… and I don’t know how my leg got there because I don’t think I did it.  So I’m going to crawl and see if it comes out.  Oh, it did — and I found my ball.  Now I’m going to play with that!

I’m off my blanket and the floor is cold but now I can go all over the house and that’s a lot more fun than the blanket.

But Mommy just called to me and so I think I’ll go see her.

Well maybe after I climb in my saucer.




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