To the Brokenhearted

It doesn’t seem real, losing a loved one.

Unexpected, sudden, unforeseen.

A husband, a father of two, a leader and teacher.  A man who built a business through hardship and grit; he took what he had and multiplied it.  The carpentry and design – it was never for him, always for others.

His wife of 25 years supported and encouraged and served; their love was strong and deep.  His children adored him and the time they spent with him.  He loved them with all of his being.

He was known in his community, thought of highly and respected.  He coached and cultivated an attitude of perseverance; he gave back and looked for opportunities.  Life wasn’t something he took for granted.

Yet it’s too young, 56 is.

He won’t celebrate half a century of marriage with his beloved wife.

He won’t walk his precious daughter down the isle, kiss her and wipe away his own tears.

He won’t watch his son, his pride and joy, take over the business and raise his own family.

He will miss so much.

The void is big in those left behind; the gaping hole in their hearts no other human will fill.  How to move on?  How to process, come to terms with it — deal with the injustice?

Maybe moving on isn’t what happens, but moving forward?

Processing, sitting alone and quiet, even throwing fists up at God and asking why.  How.  Why now.  Why him.

The well-meaning people come and go, the busyness increases and the flowers and cards and messages pour in.  It’s good, to see all the thoughtfulness and care and the support people give.  And it’s overwhelming, you and them and them and you and no him.

Grieve.  Let it come.  Things can wait; hearts need to mend.


And as you put one foot in front of the other, know that there are others who love you, and who are praying to our trustworthy God on your behalf.


“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

Matthew 28:20b


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