Dear Diary

Today is Daddy’s birthday!  He’s turning old.

Daddy is so fun.  I love when he comes home from work and plays with me – he always comes home, gets clean, and plays with me.  He makes some really funny faces and I laugh a lot!  Sometimes he even puts me on his shoulders so I can see up high and eat his hair.

I think Mommy is doing something special for Daddy’s birthday today but I’m not a-pposed to say what it is.  It’s a secret, I guess.  But I don’t think I’d like it to be a secret, that doesn’t sound fun.

Mommy and I have brought Daddy to work this week and then later we go and pick him up, and when he gets in the truck he comes and sees me and talks to me, and picks up my toys because I like to throw them.  Have you ever played that game?  All you have to do is throw your toys and stare at them, and then someone will come and pick them up for you.  Sometimes you have to stare for a long time, but I think it’s fun.  And it’s extra fun if you throw your toys before your mom can walk away again.

In a little time Mommy and I are going to go pick Daddy up from work, and then we can play the game and I can grab his nose.  And then when we’re home I can show Daddy all my noises I make – I’ve learned some new ones that go on for a long time.  Mommy told me she’s going to have to teach me about “indoor voices” but I don’t think I like that already.

I can also show Daddy how hard I can close my mouth!  I tried it on Mommy today and she made a funny noise.  Maybe Daddy will too.  And then we can play on the floor and roll the balls.  Except now it’s a little hard to move on the floor; I think Mommy put something on it?  It’s shiny now and a little slippery.  And the yummy puff isn’t stuck under the table anymore so I can’t try to eat it.  Maybe I need to put another one there.

When Daddy gets home I’m going to tell him happy birthday and sing for him.  I think he’s going to like it.  I love my Daddy.





Mommy’s note:  Happy birthday, Josh!  Levi and I love you so much.  :)


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