On Stewardship

There’s a big wooden barrel outside our front door filled with flowers and vines, spilling out around the sides and down to the ground.  Our neighbor filled it with beautiful plants over the summer that we’ve been able to enjoy since she moved out and we moved in.

Those beautiful plants aren’t so beautiful anymore, however; they haven’t been for a month or two.  Every time I’ve walked by or looked out the window I see them and make a mental note to pull them out.  Again, and again, and again…  It’s been on my to-do list, along with mopping the floors and washing the windows and coiling up loose cords.

This morning after I put Levi down for a nap I grabbed my garden gloves, put on my boots, and told myself I was going to pull those plants out whether I felt like it or not.  It was raining and chilly but hey, no time like the present.  Out they came.

The past few days God has been gently reminding me to care for our home.  Sounds obvious, to me at least; clean the kitchen, sweep the floors, make sure the bed is made.  Those are everyday things and the house looks presentable!  Yet He’s not only concerned with present-ability.

Perfectionism won’t get us anywhere.  But what does matter is that we’re faithful with the little things.  God has given us this place to live, and He cares that we’re good stewards of it.  Take care of the details; pull out the plants, mop the floors, wash the windows, coil the cords.  An attitude of procrastination or laziness, or the mentality that “eh, it doesn’t really matter anymore” — these aren’t ways of stewarding well.  (Gulp.)

There will be times I can’t get to the house right away, for one legitimate reason or another.  But stewarding my time and taking care of the things He’s given us are more important than I’ve realized.

So, my plants are out.  They’re in buckets waiting to be taken to the woods, since Levi was stirring in his crib — but they’ll be taken to the woods as soon as I’m able to do so.  My windows are washed, and I’ll get to the floors and the cords soon too.

I want to be a good steward, and learn how that looks in God’s eyes.  I hope you do too.  (And I’ll let Levi tell you how those floors are looking when he writes his next entry.  ;))



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