Dear Diary

Well, I was going to write yesterday but I had to go to bed.  In the morning real early Mommy took me outside to see this white stuff.  Usually there’s grass out there but then there was white stuff on the grass… I’m not sure why she wanted me to see it though.


She sat me down and wanted me to play with it but it was kinda cold and didn’t look fun.  But when we were going inside she let me hit the stuff off the bushes, and that was fun.

We went out again a little time later and it wasn’t as cold but it was really windy.  The air got in my face a lot.  We went to the swingset and got the mail — getting the mail is one of my favorite things.  It’s so exciting!  I think we’ll do that today too.

But for now I’m playing with a water bottle in my crib.  I can reach the changing table from my bed and play with the bottles on the shelf.  Mommy says that’s how she knows I’m awake.  Well, that and I talk a lot.  I’m a-pposed to be sleeping right now but I already did that and I’m done.

Mommy should come get me soon.  Or maybe I’ll find a way to stand up.




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