Dear Diary

I got a new toy!  It’s called a turtle.  It’s big and green and has all these things on it, and it opens up so I can sit in it.  There are a lot of balls inside too, and they’re my favorite part.  Mommy and I played with it this morning and the balls rolled away… then Mommy didn’t give them back till she washed them cuz they got fuzzy.  I think the fuzz would taste cool but Mommy says no.

But anyways, the turtle is a lot of fun.  I got it from my great grandmum a couple days ago.  She let me open the box and everything — it had this crunchy paper on it and then I got to play in the box too.  My cousins played with me and I played with the dogs and the kitty.  It was a busy time!  I got tired.

And I guess I drool a lot, cuz my cousin kept telling me I was drooling and he didn’t know what to do with me.  He thought it was yucky but I don’t know why.  Doesn’t he drool?  He said he liked me a lot too so maybe he can get used to the drool.  Oh well, I liked him a lot too.

We played and played and ate a lot of food.  Mommy and Daddy and my uncle gave me food from their plates and I liked it!  Big people food is yummy.

I’m going to go play again now.  And eat, I hope!




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