An Unexpected Package

This morning I prayed a prayer I’ve prayed many times before.  It’s one of my favorite things to talk with God about — it never gets old or mundane.  I asked Him to do more amazing things in my life; to provide in ways only He could, to make things happen or not happen that could only result in me acknowledging Him and thanking Him.  He is so good at doing these things!  I’m sure you’ve heard stories… there are many here on my blog from over the years.

It’s been a stressful last few months, for one reason or another.  Having a baby who grows and grows is wonderful and challenging; growth requires new clothing, and I’m finding I don’t notice the need as soon as I should.  When I finally get him in the next size, I discover he’s been ready for it much longer than I thought… good thing clothes stretch.  :)

When finances are tight, everything stretches.  Maybe you know firsthand?  The food is made to last longer, the toothpaste goes on the brush in smaller amounts, the paper towels are ripped in half instead of full sheets.  (And really, these aren’t bad practices to have anyways!)

Part of my prayer this morning certainly involved finances.  God always, always, always provides for us; He always has, and He always will.  I prefer not to be so tight, but as I told Him that and asked for more flexibility He reminded me to trust.  This season is for trusting Him, even if it is paycheck-to-paycheck and uncomfortably close.  As I look back, I see it — an unexpected expense has come, and so has the money.  Just enough to cover the expense, and sometimes more than enough that we can then designate some elsewhere (even to savings).

He always provides.

I put Levi down for a nap this afternoon and opened up the front door to let the light in.  There was a package outside, and I got excited wondering which item it would be since I’d ordered presents for Josh’s birthday.  But the label was handwritten and addressed to me, from an address I didn’t recognize.

It was full of baby clothes, in exactly the size Levi is wearing now.  A few outfits, a bib, a heavy sweatshirt, and a teether.  The card was signed from some of my grandparents’ friends, whom I don’t know.

I teared up (and am tearing up writing this) — God provides.  He knew I was hoping to find a sweatshirt at Walmart this morning.  He knew what a blessing that entire box would be, how much it would mean.

Though I don’t know this couple, and they may not have Internet to see this post, I’m so grateful.  To them, their gift was late.  But really, it was perfect timing.


He always provides.


(In case you’re wondering, I’m not relying on the chance of them seeing this to give a thank-you.  I’ll be sending one of my notecards via snail mail very soon.  :))


3 thoughts on “An Unexpected Package

  1. I am glad you are recording His provisions here. I have a series of books, started when my girls were small, each called “My Little Book of Miracles.” They are RICH with His “just in time” provision and remind me of the ways He has blessed. I’m on book 4 now!!!

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