Dear Diary

My gums hurt real bad and they’ve been hurting all day.  And now I’m sitting in my cage playing with toys but I’m stuck and I’ve been playing with the same toy for a long time.  Oh, look!  I can get up!

Well I’m still playing with the same toy and Mommy is making faces at me to make me laugh but my gums still hurt.  So I’m going to lay down again.  And play with my toy.

There’s a thing on the wall that’s new; Mommy just put it there a couple days ago and it looks nice.

You know what else is nice?  When I poop.  Sorry, Mommy says I shouldn’t tell you that.  But I just pooped and it feels much better.  Now I need to get a new diaper though… without my toy…

I guess I’ll tell Mommy I need a diaper.  Now she’s looking at me again and I think I’m done pooping.  But I can’t get back up this time.  Moooooommy……..

Aha, I’m up!




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