Good Morning, Friday

Good morning, Friday.

Days like today are some of my favorites.  It’s pouring rain, and the trees are gently swaying.  The fall leaves are dropping to the ground, coloring the driveway.  It’s fairly dark, but only gloomy if you want it to be.

Inside it’s warm.  The curtains are open to watch the rain, most of the lights are off and a candle is going in the corner.  The baby is back to bed, snuggled up under his blankets.  The pillow and throw on the couch look extra cozy and inviting.

I’m sipping tea and taking it slow this morning.  It’s been a busy week, and I’m thankful for a morning to stay home and go at a different pace.  There’s so much to do, still, and it will be done in time.  But it’s so sweet to breathe deep, listen to the rain, and spend more time in prayer.  Thank You Lord, for days like these.



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