The Fundamentals

“So, Do, La, Fa, Mi, Do, Re
So, Do, La, Te, Do, Re, Do

When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything!”

I’ve had this song from the Sound of Music stuck in my head all week.  We’ve played it over and over here during the day; well, more like Pandora has played it over and over and we’ve listened.

When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything!

Isn’t it true?  When you know the fundamentals of something, you can do that thing in many capacities.  Take muscle control, for instance.  There’s no better example of this than a baby learning his own body!  First the muscles individually; the arms can move, the legs can bend.  Then some weight can be given; standing, or sitting up.  Little by little the limbs can do more; the sitting turns to pushing and creeping, the standing to teetering and stepping.  Eventually the muscles are strengthened and the mind-muscle coordination develops.  Creeping turns to crawling and stepping turns to walking.

This week I’ve been thinking of different projects and situations, and how I want to be at one point in the processes but that’s not where I am.  I started decorating the house with aims to make it look a certain way, and I’m not there yet.  There are goals my husband and I have that we’re not even close to yet.  I want my business to be at a certain point and it’s not there yet either.

Funny that God would use a children’s song to help me see just how important the fundamentals are.  While my basics for things such as decorating, business, or goals may not be the basics for someone else in those same areas — there are fundamentals for everything, and they’re all equally important.  We each need to go through the processes, learn what there is to learn.  As we do we’re more prepared for the next step, and the step after that.

Processes aren’t my favorite things.  I’d much rather jump to the end and be there already.  But God sees the beginning and the end, and He knows what needs to happen in between.  He cares about the fundamentals and my learning what He wants to teach me, whether that be how to create an atmosphere in a home or how to model my business from the start.

Can you imagine if a baby decided he didn’t want to stand or walk, he just wanted to run?  It wouldn’t work too well.  While we don’t always feel like learning and taking time, the fundamentals are so worthwhile.  We each need to take the time to learn and develop.

When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything! 


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