One of Those Mondays

This morning was beautiful.  The fog was thick, and when the sun made its appearance it was bright and warm.  The temperature has climbed to around 70 degrees, which is lovely for a mid-October day in Maine.

I was and am thankful for each of these things.  But I’m tired, and I don’t feel great.  The baby was up at 4:30, he’s fussy because he’s teething, and he didn’t want to take a nap. We played and he got bored.  We went for a nice walk and came back and played some more.  Then he hurt himself and was tired and hungry and… you can guess.  Downhill from there.

We’re cat-sitting, and I forgot how bad cat litter smells.  I’m also pretty sure she waited all weekend to use her box — so this morning it’s full and the odor is terrible.  And the litter itself?  All. over. the. place.  Stepping on it is so gross!  Of course, being a new parent I initially panicked and wanted to sweep the floor five thousand times.  I’m calming down but I also need to find a solution.  ;)

All the floors are messy, there are things out in the kitchen that shouldn’t be, there are toys out and other toys that need to be cleaned.  The closet needs some organization and I really should just get rid of some clothes; I have so many.  Oh, and I found poop on the side of a fold-up hamper.  The hamper has been upright and full of clean clothes for a couple days.  And the poop landed there how?!  And from who?!

Why all this for a second post today?  Simply because I want to be thankful.  List out my issues, the things that are driving me nuts — and realize it’s really not that bad; my headache will go away, and the smell will too.  The baby will be fine and his teeth will eventually come through.

And while there are many things on my to-do list today, checking them off with gratitude is so much better than checking them off with frustration and bitterness (or not checking any off at all).  I love this kitty, I love my baby, and I’m so thankful we have a place to live and things to fill it.

So, I’m going to grab that cup of coffee that’s been in the fridge for a day or two and get to it.  Hamper poop and cat poop, here I come.


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