Dear Diary

I got to see my uncle again!  He lives in a place far away from here and I only got to see him once before.  But he came here and I think he’s great.

I went with him and Mommy and Daddy and Grammie and Grandpa to a restaurant the other day, and everybody had yummy food but I didn’t get any.  Mommy fed me mushy stuff and water in my cup, but she did let me have a bigger cup with a straw.  I really liked the straw; it was nice to chew on.  Then when I did something I got water in my mouth from it.  Only sometimes.  I watched Mommy and Daddy use their straws and they got water in their mouths too.

There was a lot to look at in the restaurant too.  I got to chew on a cloth and smile at the lady who brought Mommy’s food — she thought I was cute.  I think everyone thinks I’m cute.  She gave me the straw.  And she put Mommy’s food right in front of me and I almost got it but Grammie moved it before I could grab it.  It’s okay, I’ll get it next time.

Yesterday Uncle Matt came here and played with me and talked with Mommy.  He was funny and made me laugh.  He went away and then came back a lot of times and it made me laugh!  Then Daddy was here too and he talked with Uncle Matt and Mommy and he played with me too.  Then Uncle Matt had to leave and Mommy says I’m not going to see him for a while.

I guess maybe that’s what you do when you’re big, you go places for a while and then when you’re done there people can see you again?  I don’t know but I hope Uncle Matt comes back soon.


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