Dear Diary

My gums hurt real bad and they’ve been hurting all day.  And now I’m sitting in my cage playing with toys but I’m stuck and I’ve been playing with the same toy for a long time.  Oh, look!  I can get up!

Well I’m still playing with the same toy and Mommy is making faces at me to make me laugh but my gums still hurt.  So I’m going to lay down again.  And play with my toy.

There’s a thing on the wall that’s new; Mommy just put it there a couple days ago and it looks nice.

You know what else is nice?  When I poop.  Sorry, Mommy says I shouldn’t tell you that.  But I just pooped and it feels much better.  Now I need to get a new diaper though… without my toy…

I guess I’ll tell Mommy I need a diaper.  Now she’s looking at me again and I think I’m done pooping.  But I can’t get back up this time.  Moooooommy……..

Aha, I’m up!




Good Morning, Friday

Good morning, Friday.

Days like today are some of my favorites.  It’s pouring rain, and the trees are gently swaying.  The fall leaves are dropping to the ground, coloring the driveway.  It’s fairly dark, but only gloomy if you want it to be.

Inside it’s warm.  The curtains are open to watch the rain, most of the lights are off and a candle is going in the corner.  The baby is back to bed, snuggled up under his blankets.  The pillow and throw on the couch look extra cozy and inviting.

I’m sipping tea and taking it slow this morning.  It’s been a busy week, and I’m thankful for a morning to stay home and go at a different pace.  There’s so much to do, still, and it will be done in time.  But it’s so sweet to breathe deep, listen to the rain, and spend more time in prayer.  Thank You Lord, for days like these.


The Fundamentals

“So, Do, La, Fa, Mi, Do, Re
So, Do, La, Te, Do, Re, Do

When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything!”

I’ve had this song from the Sound of Music stuck in my head all week.  We’ve played it over and over here during the day; well, more like Pandora has played it over and over and we’ve listened.

When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything!

Isn’t it true?  When you know the fundamentals of something, you can do that thing in many capacities.  Take muscle control, for instance.  There’s no better example of this than a baby learning his own body!  First the muscles individually; the arms can move, the legs can bend.  Then some weight can be given; standing, or sitting up.  Little by little the limbs can do more; the sitting turns to pushing and creeping, the standing to teetering and stepping.  Eventually the muscles are strengthened and the mind-muscle coordination develops.  Creeping turns to crawling and stepping turns to walking.

This week I’ve been thinking of different projects and situations, and how I want to be at one point in the processes but that’s not where I am.  I started decorating the house with aims to make it look a certain way, and I’m not there yet.  There are goals my husband and I have that we’re not even close to yet.  I want my business to be at a certain point and it’s not there yet either.

Funny that God would use a children’s song to help me see just how important the fundamentals are.  While my basics for things such as decorating, business, or goals may not be the basics for someone else in those same areas — there are fundamentals for everything, and they’re all equally important.  We each need to go through the processes, learn what there is to learn.  As we do we’re more prepared for the next step, and the step after that.

Processes aren’t my favorite things.  I’d much rather jump to the end and be there already.  But God sees the beginning and the end, and He knows what needs to happen in between.  He cares about the fundamentals and my learning what He wants to teach me, whether that be how to create an atmosphere in a home or how to model my business from the start.

Can you imagine if a baby decided he didn’t want to stand or walk, he just wanted to run?  It wouldn’t work too well.  While we don’t always feel like learning and taking time, the fundamentals are so worthwhile.  We each need to take the time to learn and develop.

When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything! 

Dear Diary

Yesterday Mommy put a big stick in her mouth.  And actually, she did it again this morning.  But I don’t know why, because I’m not a-pposed to do that.  I can’t put a big stick in my mouth, only some things can go in my mouth.  Daddy puts a stick in his mouth too, I watched him do it one time.

Today when we went to the doctor’s place a lady gave me a teddy bear I can put in my mouth.  It’s fun to hold onto and chew on.  Mommy kept looking at it funny but I don’t know why.

There’s a book Mommy reads me sometimes and I love it.  It doesn’t have a lot of colors but it’s got animals and I can grab it.  Mommy tries to move it and turn it but when she does I like to grab it because I can.  She sometimes doesn’t like it but she lets me too.  And she says I’m her cute little peanut, and then she squeezes me and kisses me and I can’t grab the book anymore.  Oh well.



One of Those Mondays

This morning was beautiful.  The fog was thick, and when the sun made its appearance it was bright and warm.  The temperature has climbed to around 70 degrees, which is lovely for a mid-October day in Maine.

I was and am thankful for each of these things.  But I’m tired, and I don’t feel great.  The baby was up at 4:30, he’s fussy because he’s teething, and he didn’t want to take a nap. We played and he got bored.  We went for a nice walk and came back and played some more.  Then he hurt himself and was tired and hungry and… you can guess.  Downhill from there.

We’re cat-sitting, and I forgot how bad cat litter smells.  I’m also pretty sure she waited all weekend to use her box — so this morning it’s full and the odor is terrible.  And the litter itself?  All. over. the. place.  Stepping on it is so gross!  Of course, being a new parent I initially panicked and wanted to sweep the floor five thousand times.  I’m calming down but I also need to find a solution.  ;)

All the floors are messy, there are things out in the kitchen that shouldn’t be, there are toys out and other toys that need to be cleaned.  The closet needs some organization and I really should just get rid of some clothes; I have so many.  Oh, and I found poop on the side of a fold-up hamper.  The hamper has been upright and full of clean clothes for a couple days.  And the poop landed there how?!  And from who?!

Why all this for a second post today?  Simply because I want to be thankful.  List out my issues, the things that are driving me nuts — and realize it’s really not that bad; my headache will go away, and the smell will too.  The baby will be fine and his teeth will eventually come through.

And while there are many things on my to-do list today, checking them off with gratitude is so much better than checking them off with frustration and bitterness (or not checking any off at all).  I love this kitty, I love my baby, and I’m so thankful we have a place to live and things to fill it.

So, I’m going to grab that cup of coffee that’s been in the fridge for a day or two and get to it.  Hamper poop and cat poop, here I come.

Dear Diary

It’s really bright in here this morning.  Mommy put me back in my crib for another nap because she saw my eyes closing… she wasn’t a-pposed to see that.  But I just played with my mobile and talked for a long time and then she came and got me back up.  I like this game.  :)

We have a cat now, but Mommy and Daddy say she’s not staying very long.  I was confused when the cat came here because I’ve seen her at Grammie and Grandpa’s house all the time, so I don’t know why she decided she needed to live with us.  But Mommy says she’s staying with us for a little time and then we’ll give her back.

The cat likes me, I think.  I like her a lot.  She makes me laugh sometimes, but I haven’t heard her laugh.  She looks around and watches me and everything else.  She really likes to look outside, and she really likes Mommy.

I did a new thing yesterday!  When Mommy and Daddy were giving me a bath I pulled myself up!  It was easy, really.  I just had to hold onto the thing where the water comes out.  Mommy and Daddy were so surprised and laughed and then they let me do it again and again.  It was so much fun!  Way more fun than my toys.  I’m going to try again today, except I don’t think I’m getting a bath today.  So maybe I can find something else to try it on.

That’s all for now.




Mommy’s note – Levi turned 6 months on Saturday!  We did a little family photoshoot (goofy photo above) and had a nice, relaxing day at home.  He is such a joy! 

Dear Diary

I got to see my uncle again!  He lives in a place far away from here and I only got to see him once before.  But he came here and I think he’s great.

I went with him and Mommy and Daddy and Grammie and Grandpa to a restaurant the other day, and everybody had yummy food but I didn’t get any.  Mommy fed me mushy stuff and water in my cup, but she did let me have a bigger cup with a straw.  I really liked the straw; it was nice to chew on.  Then when I did something I got water in my mouth from it.  Only sometimes.  I watched Mommy and Daddy use their straws and they got water in their mouths too.

There was a lot to look at in the restaurant too.  I got to chew on a cloth and smile at the lady who brought Mommy’s food — she thought I was cute.  I think everyone thinks I’m cute.  She gave me the straw.  And she put Mommy’s food right in front of me and I almost got it but Grammie moved it before I could grab it.  It’s okay, I’ll get it next time.

Yesterday Uncle Matt came here and played with me and talked with Mommy.  He was funny and made me laugh.  He went away and then came back a lot of times and it made me laugh!  Then Daddy was here too and he talked with Uncle Matt and Mommy and he played with me too.  Then Uncle Matt had to leave and Mommy says I’m not going to see him for a while.

I guess maybe that’s what you do when you’re big, you go places for a while and then when you’re done there people can see you again?  I don’t know but I hope Uncle Matt comes back soon.