Dear Diary

It’s getting cold here.  My feet and my hands get really cold sometimes and it’s hard to keep them warm.  If I have socks on my feet I can stay warm but sometimes my socks come off…  I like to move my feet a lot and so they just come off.  Mommy puts them on and then they come off.

Yesterday Daddy woke up and he was so cold he put all of him under the blankets so I couldn’t see him.  He told Mommy it was time to turn on the heat in the house because it’s too cold, and Mommy laughed.  Maybe she doesn’t get cold like Daddy and me.  I don’t know what house heat is but I think it’s probly a real good thing, cuz Mommy finally turned it on last night and now I’m not that cold.  And Daddy didn’t put all of him under the blankets again.

When we go for walks sometimes it’s so cold I just sit on my hands in my stroller when Mommy pushes me.  So my eyes move around but I’m too cold to make me move.  Mommy says it’s a good thing I like hats because I need to wear them now sometimes, when it’s really cold.  But she said it’s going to be colder soon too and I don’t know how but I guess it will be.

Mommy’s real excited too because there’s a thing called Cwismas soon and I get to have it.  But I have to wait a little time.  I think it will be nice, but I don’t know what she’s talking about.  But I think it is cold too.

And I know I’m a-pposed to say my name when I’m done here, and I don’t always ‘member to do that.  So I will today after Mommy helps me say the first word.




One thought on “Dear Diary

  1. Hi, Love this post. Wait until Levi sees his first snow fall and gets to play in it. What fun!!

    I am sorry I wasn’t able to come to Levi’s Christening. AND, the painters didn’t come and they aren’t here yet today. Can you say M-A-D!! That’s what I am right about now. My patience are wearing thin. I enjoyed the pictures your mom sent over. There were some of you in front of the church and some of “Grampa” holding Levi at your house. It was a beautiful day for all of you to celebrate. Love you, Mum

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