Dear Diary

I’m in my crib and I’m wide awake but Mommy isn’t getting me.  The thing on the ceiling is making noise and talking to me, and sometimes I like to talk to it too.  It’s moving and I like to touch it when I can.

I’m covered in a blanket and I rolled over it…  I’m stuck.  But I like sucking on my thumb (Mommy calls me a turkey when I do that).  And I have a toy to put in my mouth; it’s a fun toy.  I did call for Mommy a couple of times and I’m going to again, because I’m done sleeping.  I took a long nap all night, so I don’t need more naps.  It’s time to play!

Today I don’t know what we’re going to do but I hope I get to play in my new toy.  I get to sit and stand in it and it has things for me to play with.  I can move anywhere and get toys — it’s a lot of fun!  My grammie got it for me and it’s great.

But I need Mommy.  I need her to get me out of here so I can play with it, because I’m done with the thing on the ceiling.




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