Sharing another Instagram post from a friend; Anjuli writes so beautifully and openly, and this post is definitely worth sharing.  I hope it encourages you today, and if not you may you find someone whom it will encourage.  :)

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We have such little control over life. Maybe that’s what makes motherhood so darn difficult. We can pour hours, years, give up our careers, and our lives for our little ones and there is no guarantee that everything will be okay. There is no guarantee they won’t get hurt. There is no “fail proof” guide to motherhood, there is only faithfulness.

Faithfulness to the small stuff: the way we tend to their hearts and tasks we’ve been given. Faithfulness to feed, clothe, and bathe them. Faithfulness to listen. Faithfulness to show up to their performances and cheer like a crazy person on the sidelines. Faithfulness to shower them with surprises, adventures, and extra dessert. Faithfulness to love every ounce of their them: all the good and all the ugly.

So when I struggle at night with the big, scary, world out there and the reality of how hard life will be for my kids, I focus deep on right now and being faithful to the tasks right in front of me. Keep at the faithful small-big-beautiful work of motherhood. We can’t control the future, but we can be faithful to love our kids – day to day – and be a forever soft landing for their hearts to come home.


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