Dear Diary

I know today is Tuesday, and I’m a-pposed to write on Mondays.  But Mommy said people need to laugh on Tuesdays too so I think I’m going to tell a joke.

What do you call a fake noodle?  (You know, the things you eat.)

An impasta!

Hehehe.  That’s one of Daddy’s favorite jokes.  I don’t really get it but when he laughs I like to laugh too.  Mommy says “impasta” is like the real word with an accent.  And she says someday I’ll know what that means.

I made a great discovry the other day.  I know how to grab my feet (you know, those things on you… they move a lot but they’re part of you and Mommy says they’re called feet).  Well I know how to grab them but now I can eat them!  Only not really eat them because they stay on me when I’m done trying to eat them.  I guess that’s what they’re a-pposed to do because I need them for things.

So when I’m done eating my feet I like to eat my hands and maybe my arms.  But if Mommy or Daddy are around I like to eat them too.  Daddy always makes funny faces and Mommy doesn’t really do anything anymore.  Sometimes she laughs and then it surprises me and I look at her and she laughs more.

Hey look, food!  I’m all done writing today.


3 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. Dear Amy, I just love your “Dear Diary” weekly’s! (Through the eyes of a child is just precious, and you have the talent to write it all down.) Levi will love reading “his thoughts” through your eyes, when he gets older. AND, it doesn’t matter what day of the week you write, as a writer needs inspiration and it isn’t always on a preset specific day. I may not get to respond to every one, but know that I read every one of them and they ALWAYS make me smile. Such a treat!!

    Mom told me Dad is going to S. Korea. WOW! Talk about a l-o-n-g ride…….. I hope his ears are ok during the flights to and from. I know how painful it can be. Love and Hugs, Mum (smooches for Levi :)

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