Dear Diary

We went on a big trip, me and Mommy and Daddy.  We went to the place where Daddy grew up, but I don’t know the name of it.  We got to go in the sky with the birds (except I guess we went higher than the birds) and after a really long time we came back down and walked on the ground like normal.


Mommy gave me a thing to put in my mouth and it looked like what Daddy has on his face.  It took me some time to know what to do with it, cuz I never used it before.  I just sucked on it and Mommy said I did a good job.  She made me suck on it when we started to go above the birdies and when we started to get back to the ground.  Lots of people said I looked cute with it.

We got to see my aunties and Grammie and Grandpa, which was really nice because I haven’t seen them before.  I think they really liked me.  We also got to see Daddy’s other family, but there were so many people I can’t remember all of them.  I got held by a lot of them too, and they were all nice to me.

It looks not the same as home.  Daddy must know everything since he has been to so many places.  He took me and Mommy to a lot of places and showed us a lot of things.  Mommy looked really happy and she got excited when we drove around.  I think Daddy had fun.  There was brown stuff everywhere — Mommy called it, um, dust — and she said it was why my fingers were so dry.

We did a whole lot on our big trip and I am tired.  I got to sit in a wagon and get pulled in it by a big kid.  Mommy and Daddy made me wear a special outfit and it had a hat too, and I had to ride a bit and then Mommy picked me up and I had to sit on her lap.  It was for one of my aunties; she wanted me to sit and look cute for a few minutes.  So I think I did.


After I rode in the wagon Mommy and Daddy and I had to stand still and smile a lot, and I tried real hard but I was so tired.  Mommy brought me upstairs in the house and put me to bed.

I like where Daddy grew up.  It was hot and I saw the sun a lot, and I got to see things that made Daddy happy and tell stories.  I like his stories.  Maybe someday we will go back.  But now I need to take a nap, at least that’s what Mommy says.



Mommy’s Note:

We went out to Oregon last week to see family and attend Josh’s sister’s wedding.  Levi was ring bearer – and such a trooper!  He handled the time change very well and was a happy little guy.  We had a great time with Josh’s family and friends; Levi and I were able to meet many of them for the first time, which was special.  Such a different climate and region of the States, at least for me – but I really enjoyed it!  :)


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