Dear Diary

I can’t reach my toys.

Mom says I need to keep trying.  She just lets me lay here on my belly and flail.  I move my arms and kick my legs and she thinks I look like a frog.  A cute frog, but a frog.

She and Dad say I need to learn to crawl.  I need to push myself around and figure it out, without them helping me.  Like somehow get places without them picking me up.  That’s all good and stuff, but I don’t want to crawl.  I want to walk!

Sometimes I get to stand on the bathroom counter and play with the towel hanger, which is so fun.  And then I try to walk a little on the counter, but I’m still trying to make my legs work like Mom and Dad’s do.

I do like laying on my belly and playing with toys — I just want to not do the crawling part.  Can’t I just walk first?


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