Today is Today

Some days we protest naptime.  Today is one of those days — we had a little playdate this morning and I thought for sure Levi would be out for a while.  He went down like usual but half an hour later he was wiggling around in his crib with no intention of putting himself back to sleep.  We’ve tried everything; the mobile, rocking while standing and singing, rocking while sitting and singing, eating, singing, diaper change, the mechanical swing and music…

While I rocked him in the chair I sang one song over and over and over:


Jesus loves the little children,

All the children of the world.

Red and yellow, black and white

They are precious in His sight.

Jesus loves the little children

Of the world!


His big blue eyes would look up at me and watch as I sang.  He’d play with my hand, glance back up, and smile.  I’d smile back and he’d talk or go back to my hand.  The smiles melt me.

Today is one of those days nothing has made me uptight or frustrated.  That can change, for sure — patience is a funny thing.  I can have all the patience in the world, or absolutely none at all depending on the moment.

But today, as I’ve worked for three hours to get my baby to nap, God has given me patience and joy.  Instead of having to take deep breaths and look away to recompose myself from irritation, I’ve giggled with Levi and playfully kissed his hands as he protests.  He may stay up a little longer thinking it’s time to take on the world, but at least he’ll do it happily.  When Mama’s relaxed and happy, baby can relax and be happy.

Moments like the ones I had singing to him and watching his beautiful eyes are moments well spent.  Those moments I get to snuggle him all up and hold him tight, rock with him and sing to him — I wouldn’t trade those for anything, even sleep.  Because yes, his whole day will be thrown off; but it’s one day.  It’s today and that’s what we’ll go with.  Thank You for it, Lord.


*Above picture from last week.  ;)

And P.S. — I will be referring myself back to this post in the future!


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