Dear Diary

Dad figured me out.  He started doing this thing where he puts me on his legs in the air and I zoom around — it’s so fun.  I love it.  I don’t know why Mom didn’t come up with that a long time ago, cuz she usually tries all kinds of things to get me to laugh.  They don’t all really work…


I know this picture looks like we’re having a stare down, cuz sometimes we do that too.  I can go a really long time without blinking, but Daddy and Mommy can’t.  So I win.

And Mommy I’m sorry I used this picture, because it’s dark and not how you would want it to look.  But I think that’s okay, right?  It’s a good one for me to look at.

I love zooming around on Daddy’s legs.  He makes noises and faces and I have to laugh because he’s so funny.  Mommy does it with me now too, cuz she really loves when I laugh.  She makes some funny noises and faces too.

I’m glad Daddy figured me out, because now we have even more fun together.  I like having fun with him!




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