Love always, A Pastor’s Wife

Sharing this from a friend on Instagram – I love how she phrases these words and provides  redirection and encouragement.  A quick post; find the original here


An open letter to church attendees,
Your pastor isn’t perfect. If your church is 12 people or 12,000, he is still human. There is a good chance your pastor didn’t get into this career for a paycheck or power. He became a pastor because He loves God and wants to point others to Him.

There is a good chance he gets up early praying for you and your family. When tithing stops and people don’t show up, he worries about what staff he has to let go. When there is a community crisis or natural disaster, he leaves his wife and kids to unlock the church doors to welcome you in. When he performs your children’s wedding ceremony or speaks at the men’s retreat, he is most likely missing his sons soccer tournament or daughters dance recital. When there is a death in your family, no matter what time of day it is, he is by your side. When there is a family crisis, he is on the phone with you even if it is dinner time. He carries the beautiful weight of your church on his shoulders. This burden is his offering. But, please know, it is a heavy burden to carry.

So when he preaches 5 mins to long, you don’t like the style of worship, the chairs are uncomfortable, you don’t like the way he dresses, or in the hustle of Sunday morning he forgets your name, it isn’t because he doesn’t care, it’s because he isn’t perfect. His role is to point you to God, the One who is always perfect. Before you complain or criticize, please remember he loves you and is doing the best he can. Your pastor is your shepherd not your superman.

And to my husband who just celebrated 10 years as a pastor. I love you. I see how you toss and turn at night. I see that distant look in your eyes when you come home from a hard day at work. I know it pains you to miss important moments with our kids. I see your longing for people to know Jesus. I know it hasn’t been easy, but I’ve seen your faithfulness day in and day out. Your sacrifice isn’t lost on me. Thank you for being my pastor, husband, and friend. I love you.

To all the wives and children of a pastor, Your quiet sacrifice is seen. It can be a lonely road. You are loved. carry on.❤️ Love always, a pastors wife.


2 thoughts on “Love always, A Pastor’s Wife

  1. Hi Amy,

    I love this letter. Thank you for sending it. I can clearly see where her words can apply to law enforcement, firefighters, EMT’s, funeral directors, doctors, nurses and on and on. Public servants are VERY SPECIAL people and are taken for granted so much of the time. BUT, they love what they do and have devine intervention/direction to keep going. When there is a small reward, it is like reaching the top of a mountain. Thank God for each and every one of them as I don’t know what the world would do without them.

    Love, Mum

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