Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

It’s Monday.  For some reason all the adults I know don’t like Mondays.  I’m not sure why.  I don’t like days like yesterday, whenever those happen.

I got to sleep in yesterday — I’m not sure what Mom and Dad were thinking, cuz it threw me all off.  But the sleep was good.  We didn’t go to church (you know, the place where we listen to a guy that makes Mommy and Daddy laugh and then I have to see a hundred people all talking and making faces and it’s really overwhelming).  We didn’t go there because I guess Mom and Dad wanted to sleep too, and when they found out what time it was they got sad and decided they needed to wake me up.

When they wake me up they always are smiling and laughing, and making squeaky noises.  I’m still trying to know why they squeak.  I’ve seen those things that fly in the air make the squeaky noises — and I know Mom and Dad don’t have wear fluffy things.  So I don’t think they’re the same, but I don’t know why they squeak…

Anyways, yesterday was no fun.  My lips hurt real bad.  Okay no, it was inside my mouth.  Mommy says they’re my gums.  They hurt real bad, all day.  They hurt so bad I couldn’t fall asleep, and Mommy looked a little upset when I didn’t want to take my afternoon nap.  I think she was trying to do something without me, but I can’t imagine why.

She and Daddy got me up and we played, which was fun.  There’s this squishy colorful thing I love — oh wait, it squeaks too.  But it isn’t fluffy.  I know cuz I put it in my mouth, and it feels real nice on my gums.  But why does it squeak too?  I maybe won’t know for a long time.  But we played with it and will all my other toys, because they’re so fun.

The not fun part was when it was time to go to bed, cuz my gums really, really, REALLY hurt.  I got to play in the water and put on my bed clothes first, and then Mommy fed me and put me to sleep.  Except after I was asleep for a little time I was hurting again and so I opened my eyes real big and looked at Mommy and she looked like I wasn’t supposed to do that.  She rocked me, and then picked me up and rocked me, and I had to scream the whole time because ouch.

I know I usually start to go to sleep at 7:30 but Mommy told me this morning I didn’t want to sleep until 9:30.  She said it was a good thing I’m cute.  I’m not sure what that means.  But I know I screamed and cried a whole lot and it made me cough and choke and I didn’t like it.  Mommy held me and Daddy played with this thing that put light on the wall, and it moved around and that was good to watch.  And they gave me this cold thing to put in my mouth, and that helped for a little time and then I didn’t like it.  And when I was crying and screaming for a while Mommy cried too and I tried to eat her chin and then she laughed.  I like her chin.

Then I guess I cried and screamed for long enough that it was time for me to eat again, so Mommy fed me and rocked me and then I fell asleep.  And I didn’t have to wake back up again until this morning.  Daddy came in and smiled and talked to me and then picked me up and handed me to Mommy because he had to go somewhere really fast.  But I’ll see him again today when he comes and gives me a kiss.

So I’m not sure why people don’t like Mondays, because I think I don’t like yesterdays.  They’re awful.  I hope I don’t have to have another yesterday.





Happy Monday!  I’m going to start a series of these “Dear Diary” posts as a fun way to start our week.  Fun for me to write, hopefully fun for you to read!  Because unlike Levi, not everyone enjoys Mondays.  :)


4 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. Amy,

    This entry is precious!! “Through the Eyes of a Child” is wonderful, and yet for those of us that know you so well, we understand everything you are writing about. I love it! It took me back a few years, :), made me giggle and I walked in your shoes.

    Love you, Mum

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