Lipstick and Babies

Levi and I took a trip to Walmart this morning, and I realized something not-so-profound: lipstick is hard to wear with a baby!  We walked up and down the isles, forward and backwards (I think Levi appreciated me going backwards so he could go forwards for a change).  I looked at this brand, then that brand, then back to the first… price checking, and color checking.

Finally I found a decent shade and off we went to find contact cleaner and rubbing alcohol.  Levi tried to have a conversation with the cashier on our way out, and she was kind and gentle and wished us a nice day.

When we got home and Levi was in his crib, I tried on the new lipstick.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t worn lipstick since our wedding, and now I have another reason not to.  You can’t kiss babies with lipstick!

Surely there are ways to adorn your lips without the color wearing off, but it made me laugh.  Unless I want kiss marks on his face (well, body) or have incredible restraint, I probably won’t wear it that frequently.  It looks pretty — but do you know how many times I kiss that kid?  I smother him hourly!

Speaking of which, my little man is just about due for some more.  Hope you shared a laugh with me.  ;)



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