Prayers Today

Have you ever had days you feel burdened to pray for specific people?  Some people come to mind, stay there, or pass through…  It can be tricky at times to determine what the Lord is leading in their regard.  Maybe there’s an action He’s wanting you to take; a quick text or note to send, a visit, an answer you haven’t decided on.  But the action could also simply be to pray.

Prayer is mysterious, isn’t it?  We wonder what it does, what – if anything – it changes, who it affects.  But we know that God tells us to pray, and therefore we do it.

Last night and today I’ve had a few people on my mind, and the only action in front of me to take right now is prayer.  These children and their caretakers, this boy and his caretakers, and this not-so-little girl.  Mainly the first group of children and caretakers; I don’t know why, and that’s okay.  God knows and my job is to be obedient.

I’m sharing this merely to encourage you.  Are there people who have been on your mind the last few days? or week?  People you’re not sure how to help or handle?  Maybe the action God is asking you to take is to pray.

Someday we will see the results of our prayers, be it this side of Heaven or not.  It will be amazing; we can trust Him to that.  We need only to be obedient.  :)


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