Blog Update


Hello again!  Over four years ago I started this blog, as I was beginning my travels to Belize.  So much has changed and happened since then — thank you for sticking around and reading the few posts I’ve published!  As you may know, I got married last year to a wonderful man and we welcomed our son into the world just a few months ago.  We’ll be celebrating our one-year anniversary on Monday; what a year it’s been!

In all the changes and adjustments over the last couple years, I let go of writing and posting on my blog.  The death of one of my biggest supporters, my grandfather, hit me hard and I found writing to be too difficult.  But, as time has passed and God has helped me heal, I’m going to pick the pen (and camera!) back up and keep documenting.

My ultimate goal with this blog is the same as it was from the start, which I realize I may not have actually shared with you.  “Threads of Glory” — it’s a means of documenting God’s goodness and giving Him glory in all situations.  Finding the threads of His grace woven throughout every part of our lives; the threads that bring Him glory.

Through this blog, I want to encourage you to seek God and to know Him more.  To see His goodness, to know His love for you.  I pray the words I share, whether they’re mine or someone else’s, will point you to Christ and cause you to give Him glory.

Thank you for following along!





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