Lord, You Are Able

Lord, You are the able One.

You are able to give, and You are able to take away.

You are able to discern perfect timing, and to act accordingly.

You are able to soften a hard heart, to open eyes that don’t want to see.

You are able to heal and restore, to cast out demons and bring people to life.

You are able to hear prayers from those who love You and from those who don’t, and You answer them in Your goodness.

You are able to show us patience in even the longest trials; You are ever longing that not one perish.

You are able to be faithful, always.

You are able to create and recreate, You have the perfect view of beauty.

You are able to open communication between strangers; Your love has no bounds.

You are able to take a rich man and make him poor, and take a poor man and make him rich.

You are able to stir a heart to know true wealth and true poverty.

You are able to give sight and let walk; You are greater than our physical illnesses and ailments, and You know what’s best for each of our bodies.

You are able to bring joy and peace; You’re able to comfort and inspire thanksgiving.

You are able to make grass green and the sky blue; You are able to give us vision to see them.

You are able to humble us, to give us grace.

You are worthy, Lord. You are the only God, the One we will answer to above all else. You are bigger, greater, lovelier. You are perfect, unable to make a mistake.  You alone are able.

Thank You, Father.


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