Praising for Pieces

Lately I’ve been reminded of His goodness and care in the details; He doesn’t miss anything! These moments are so sweet when we see pieces of what He’s doing.
Praying you and I can sit back and ask to see life as He does.



There are days that God reveals a lot about His workings.  You probably know what I’m talking about — the days when He brings many things together all at once and you sit back and marvel at how good He is.  When multiple areas of your life suddenly have clarity, and you see how those seemingly-unconnected areas actually do meet at some point. 

You wonder when He’ll let you in on what He’s doing; when He’ll show you the reasons behind things He asks of you and situations He leads you to.  When you’ll see the bigger picture. 


And then you have a day of revelation when so many things now make sense, and you bask in His glory.  You’re overwhelmed by His goodness and thoughtfulness. 


More often than not we want to see the whole picture.  We want to know the whys and the why-nots and the reasons we’re…

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*Thread of Thanks*



IMG_0446Visiting the Billy Graham Library – educating and very inspiring.  (Plus they had really yummy milkshakes!)

IMG_0463Trying something new… Cheerwine, ya’ll.  I’m so not southern, and I so didn’t like it.  Good thing little brothers take care of unwanted food and drinks.

IMG_0483Hot chocolate in one of the world’s most adorable little glass jars.

Other thanksgivings:  a family road trip to spend the weekend with my brother at his school  –  wearing shorts in February  –  visiting a friend at college and reminiscing childhood memories  –  surprise!  more snow