Do What He Says

Encouragement from Ann Voskamp – find it here.


*Thread of Thanks*

IMG_0404This sign above a coworker’s door (Isaiah 40:31).

IMG_2569An early Valentine from a 6-year-old buddy; thought out and signed in his best cursive.

IMG_2567A hint of spring in the middle of back-to-back snowstorms.  (Thanks Mom!)

This song — so good.

I hope you have had a great weekend and are encouraged to look for the blessings God brings to your life!

Sharing a few things today…

First, a link to a reassuring and encouraging post by a friend.

Second, a song that has been on repeat over here.

Third, another song that has been on repeat.  (I think I’m finding a new favorite band. :) )


*Thread of Thanks*



IMG_2530Snow that stays stuck after the storm, and the animal footprints throughout the woods.

IMG_2562This little minion that sits on my bookcase and makes me smile (or want to dance). 

IMG_2552The millions of memories I have of my grandfather, and the fact that all of them are good.

Other thanksgivings:  bright sunshine!  –  the cat curling up in a most unlikely place  –  hilarious conversation about nose piercings with friends at church  –  a thoughtful note and prayer from a coworker