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IMG_1927Pretty orchid flowers, and the miracle that the plant is still alive.

IMG_1924Made with love (and recycled soda cans) from Mexico.

Other thanksgivings:  the ability to fill a shoebox   –  hand painted pottery  –  a little “heat wave” amidst the cold  –  two brothers being joyful despite a painful circumstance


His Care {and *ToT*}

Last week I started Christmas shopping.  I was hoping to find everything on my list at one store, since shopping is pretty draining.  After searching isle after isle, I found almost everything — everything but one item.  I’d tell you the one item, but the recipients may read this…

I needed five of this one item.  Couldn’t find it in the first store, so I tried another little place down the road.  Nada.  It was frustrating, because it’s a common item that the first store would carry.  I needed five with a certain appearance, and preferably inexpensive.

My mom and I met up for lunch and then parted ways to continue shopping.  Pathetic as it may sound, by this point I was so done looking through stores.  As I got into the car from the restaurant, I prayed, “God, please help me find this.  Five of the right appearance, and for a low price.”  Then I laughed and thought, Why didn’t I pray about this sooner?

I got to the next store and noticed the display they keep at the entrance.  They always have a section of inexpensive little trinkets and things.  Since I was on a mission, I shot right past.  Then I realized I might be able to find some stocking-stuffer material, so I turned around and started browsing.

Just as I was about to leave that section and go to another, I saw the items I had originally been looking for down on the very bottom of the display.  There were five, looking exactly how I had hoped, and half the price I was expecting.  I admit I did a little happy dance in the store.

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!”  Psalm 34:8

Little details like these remind me of how great our Creator is.  Does He have to care about a Christmas shopping list?  No.  But He does.  He does seemingly insignificant things in each of our lives to show us that He cares, and that He loves us.  To put smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts.  Isn’t He wonderful?

*Thread of Thanks*      CD from a coworker  –  watching dozens of nuthatches and chickadees at the feeder  –  fun crafts, and the time to work on them  –  peppermint tea  –  miracles in an operating room

The Measuring Stick Principle

“Know how Dad always tells the boys when they’re building something? ‘Measure twice cut once.’

Well, when you’re building a life? Measure yourself once against anyone else – and you cut twice: them and you.”

Ann Voskamp

Sharing words of wisdom from a sister today.  Visit her site here, and be blessed.

*Thread of Thanks*

IMG_1877Challenging and inspiring book on prayer.

IMG_1880Notes from friends and family.

IMG_1883Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.  Mmmm.

Other thanksgivings: lunch with grandparents – phone call from a friend – more sweet-smelling flowers – an oversized, warm sweatshirt – Red Sox winning the World Series – warm slippers