If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you may recall a few posts back when I wrote about needing a healthy balance in life.  (You can find it here.)  A balance between working hard and relaxing; not stressing but also not being lazy.  Finding the joy Jesus wants us to have in everything.

You may also remember a link I shared about a microadventure… if you haven’t checked it out, go do so.  Once you understand what the microadventure is all about, this post will make more sense.

Last Friday my friend and I packed, ate, pumped up bike tires, and set off on our own microadventure.  We had planned to start biking around 6:00pm, but with the 95 degree weather, bright sunshine, and high humidity we decided to wait a little longer.  So, around 8:30pm we got on our bikes and left the neighborhood.



The second picture is a view of the sunset as we got to our destination.  Though it looks dark on the screen, it was gorgeous.  We found a spot and got set up.  However, long story short, we ended up heading home around 11:30pm.  A bummer, but the point of the adventure was still accomplished.  Plus, I can now add to and check off my bucket list the desire to bike through a city at midnight.

We got up at 4:50am to go out and catch the sunrise.  It was not disappointing!



Wow.  And, we got to see a little friend:


The picture is slightly blurry – oops – but he was adorable, and totally unresponsive to our presence.  After the sunrise, we drove out to Dunkin’s for a donut and iced coffee.  Driving through the city on a Saturday morning while everyone is sleeping was so peaceful and relaxing.

When I got back to my house I thought more about our microadventure.  It wasn’t exactly what I’d hoped for it to be; I’d hoped to sleep under the stars, wake up with the birds, watch the sunrise, and bike home.  But, as we all know, plans that go differently aren’t necessarily plans that go wrong.

God still brought the things I was looking for: peace, adventure, a break from work, time with a close friend, a sunset and sunrise, multiple bike rides… and He brought more.  The conversation I had with my friend was immensely blessed.  Sometimes I think I’m the one who’s going to do the teaching, spiritually speaking.  Ha!  Not this time.  My friend, who isn’t really into religion/Christianity/whatever-you-want-to-call-it (really, a relationship with God), was the one who taught me.

We’ve been close since kindergarten.  Life has brought us in different directions and each of us has made different decisions — but our friendship has remained the same, even when we go for months without talking.  It’s such a blessing.  And usually, when we do have long conversations, the topic of God comes up.  She has a very clear view of who God is, though she’s not interested in a relationship with Him right now.  Part of that is due to the fact that our schooling was done in a Christian setting; our foundations were laid by Christian education and parents who told us His truths.  But another part of her view comes from the world.  She sees the hypocrisy of people in all religions, and she sees how the one true God governs the world.  She understands well the fact that He allows us to make decisions instead of forcing us to do certain things.  That, she said, is “one of the great things about [Him].”  It actually irritates her when people blame God for bad things that happen and then forget to praise Him for things that go well.  “He gives us choices!  He allows evil even though it’s not what He wants.”

It’s humbling, talking with her.  And Jesus knew I needed that conversation Friday night — she probably did too.  He is good!  The microadventure was still a microadventure.  It didn’t look how I wanted it to look, but it accomplished what God wanted it to accomplish.  There will be more microadventures in the future, too.  :)


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