When Satan Needs a Stomping…John 10:10

“Too many of us try to discharge our obligations to God Almighty in one day—usually one trip to church.  Sometimes, nobly, we make it two trips to church, but it’s all on the same day when we have nothing else to do—and that’s supposed to be worship.  I grant you, sir, that it can be true worship, provided that on Monday and Tuesday and the other days you also experience the blessings of true worship.
I do not say that you must be at church all of the time—how could you be?

You can worship God at your desk, on an elevated train, or driving in traffic.  You can worship God washing dishes or ironing clothes.  You can worship God in school, on the basketball court.  You can worship God in whatever is legitimate and right and good.”   -A.W. Tozer

God’s timing is perfect.  The past few months have been busy and tiring, and I’ve found that sometimes my place of worship is only church on Sunday mornings.  Actually, that’s not even completely true — I work at the church during the first service, and often head home as the second service starts so that I can have some “down time” before the craziness begins all over again on Monday.

I’m not particularly proud of that.  I know that God wants me in fellowship with other believers, worshiping and learning with them.  We’re a community, and it’s a lot about unity, after all.

The above quote came to my inbox a couple days ago and has meshed wonderfully with all that the Lord has been telling me lately.  While I need the worship and fellowship on Sunday mornings, I need to be worshiping every day.  I need to be in constant communion with my Father and, as Tozer said, “experience the blessings of true worship.”

Over time, I certainly have gotten better at worshiping throughout the week.  Talking with Jesus, listening to the Spirit, stopping to look up a Scripture verse… I want to be able to say that when I’m not communicating with a human, I’m communicating with the Lord.  And even if I’m communicating with a human, I can be communicating with the Lord.

Obviously Satan doesn’t like any of that.  He doesn’t want us to worship every day of the week, to say “I need Thee every hour.”  One of his most clever tactics is busyness.  He uses it on me all the time, but I think he’s in for it now because of what God has been revealing to me.

Let me clarify, first: busyness is not inherently bad.  And work certainly is not bad.  God tells us to work, and not to be lazy.  The busyness I’m talking about is the busyness that is all-consuming.  The busyness that won’t let you sleep at night, that brings continual stress and anxiety, that leaves no time for flexibility or some spur-of-the-moment decisions.  The busyness that binds you.

Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  And he uses busyness to do it.  He’ll steal your time, kill your passion, destroy your joy.  He’ll steal your resources, kill your love, and destroy your family.  It happens; you’ve probably seen him do it more than once.

Jesus came that we might have life, and have it more abundantly.  He wants us to be joyful always, pray continually, and give thanks for everything.  We can have and do those things amidst every season, surely.  He wants us to enjoy life.

There is a balance.  I haven’t yet found it, but God will get me there.  He wants us to work hard and not be lazy, but He also wants us to relax and always be at peace.  He gave us this world so that we could enjoy it.  I realized that I’ve been working and stressing so much that I haven’t enjoyed it.  And people have told me that I can still enjoy work and release the stress — and that’s true.  But I need to loosen up overall for that to happen; meaning that simply continuing in what I’m doing and trying to adjust my attitude is not going to cut it.  Satan can get me far too easily that way.

Earlier this week I found a fabulous idea:


I have asked two of my friends to join me, so I will likely be doing it twice within the next couple months.  I’m stoked.  And I see that it’s little things like this, getting away or just doing something different and fun, that will make a difference.  I’m trusting that as I work to enjoy life and maintain a balance, I’ll experience the blessings of the worship with my Father and draw closer and closer to Him.

I pray you can learn from what God has taught me.  And if there are pieces I haven’t mentioned that the Lord has taught you, would you share them?  We serve a mighty and loving God.

P.S.  I am hoping to take pictures and document my microadventure(s).  Stay tuned.  :)

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