The Awaited Update

Back in February I introduced you to a sweet girl I know from Belize.  I asked you to pray for her alongside me throughout Lent; to pray for her relationship with Christ, her desire to know Him — anything the Lord laid on your heart.  We were hoping that the Lord would reveal to us what He’d done during that time, but as I mentioned earlier we may not find out while we’re still on this earth.  And that’s okay — we’ll find out in Heaven.  Prayer never goes in vain.

I have asked a couple of friends who currently live in Belize for an update on this girl, hoping that I might be able to share with you some of what the Lord has done with her in those 40 days.  My friends shared that she is doing well, and growing quickly into a young woman.  She is still in school (which, by the way, is a HUGE praise!) and is doing well, though she is being negatively influenced by her friends.  There is another struggle she’s facing that is due largely to her culture, though I am not in a position to share many details and forgo her privacy.

Please continue to pray for her as you are led.  And please, take heart!  It may sound like a “bad” update, but let me gently remind you that it’s carnal.  What we see is not all that’s going on.  What my friends in Belize see is not all that’s going on.  We don’t know what the Lord is doing in her heart — that’s why we pray!  That’s why we intercede!  Wouldn’t it be awesome if she came to us in Heaven some day and told us how we’d helped change her life?

Let’s continue to pray and rejoice for His victories, whether we see them or not.  Because man, He is GOOD!


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