New Pages

You may have noticed that there are a couple new tabs under the heading on this blog.  I have added these pages as links to two of my jobs: Amy Originals and Trades of Hope.

The first, Amy Originals, is a business I started a couple years ago.  I make and sell blank notecards; I take photographs, and then mount them onto colored cardstock.  These notecards are great for encouraging friends and family, for birthdays and holidays, and for anything else you might think of.  All of the notecards can be purchased online at

The second business is Trades of Hope.  I work for Trades of Hope as a Compassion Entrepreneur (“CE”).  Please click on the tab above to learn more, or visit the website:

The purpose of these pages is to create awareness and availability.  I do not want these pages to become the focus of the blog, nor do I want to cause readers to feel obligated to purchase anything.  They are here as helpful links and easy access in case you want them.

Hopefully I will get another post up by Thanksgiving.  If not, enjoy your Thanksgiving week and be sure to praise!


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