Why worship?  It seems like an insulting question, doesn’t it?

Why worship? 

You know the answer as well as I do.  All we have to do is open the pages of that old Book… there we find so. many. reasons to worship.

Like the Red Sea parting and the Israelites who habitually disobeyed but the God who was relentless and sought His people through the thick and the thin.  Or the story of Job and all of his horrific trials and temptations (because we do not fight against flesh and blood), and the God who allowed the pain to bring about precious fruit and blessings beyond comprehension.  Or the promise of the Spirit that fills us and leads us.

The fact that He never, ever, under any circumstance, leaves us or forsakes us.  (Remember that theme of love in past posts?  It never ends, you know…)

We worship for a myriad of reasons.  Your reasons might be different from my reasons and my reasons different from another’s.  But they’re legitimate and He deserves every ounce of praise we give.  We worship because He is God.

Worship does something in the body – in the soul.  It goes deep and revives; brings surreal peace and love and every good thing.  He loves it and we love it.

Why do you worship?  What things are you thankful for?  Have you lifted up your voice – out loud – in worship to Him?



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