Last Challenge Day

Day Thirty-Four

This country.  Our freedoms, our way of life, our immense and wonderful blessings.

We have storms of all kinds.  Yet our roots?  In Christ.

This 34-day photography challenge has attained its goal of showing me God’s love.  As I wrote in the beginning of the challenge, I have had a hard time accepting the fact that God loves me.  It’s easy to accept that He loves others, even those who don’t follow Him – but to think that He is actually interested in me?  that He actually loves me?

He does.  He does through the fall foliage and the journals and the mud-covered dogs.  He does through the sky and the verses and the food and the books.  The people around me and the blessings they radiate.  He does.

I’ve come to the realization that it’s none other than the devil himself who leads me away from accepting God’s love.  No, I’m not worthy of it.  No, I can’t do anything to ever be worthy of it.  But no, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s there–He’s there–and it’s for me.

His love is so deep, so thick, so overwhelming when we really grab onto it and believe it.  It’s incredible, and there’s absolutely nothing that can change it.

I’ve learned more than what I’ve written.  God’s grace is so great.  My innermost prayer is that everyone who reads even part of this blog will see His love; there’s nothing else that matters.  May you be fed to increased appetite with His love.


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