Wait, What Day Is It?

Today is day 33 of this self-imposed photography challenge.  I started in September, and determined to do it until October 31 – 34 days total.  The challenge may end tomorrow, but its original goal certainly has been accomplished.


Day Twenty-Eight

Grandparents were able to drive a few hours to come visit us.

{Bringing, of course, a couple signature items: pillows and L.L. Bean clothes}

Day Twenty-Nine

Watching my “little” brother take interest in something new.

He’s played soccer for years, but only started liking it once they put him in goal (with two games left of his senior year).

He thoroughly enjoyed it, and thoroughly shredded his teammate’s gloves.

Day Thirty

Maybe I thought I’d be more of a blessing to him, but my sponsor child is a great blessing to me.

He shows Jesus’ love in every letter I receive.  (And isn’t he so cute?!)

Day Thirty-One

Scents.  Unfortunately my nose is too sensitive to actually light these candles,

but they do give off an aroma simply by being opened.

Day Thirty-Two

Cameras!  Need I say more?

I wanted to save this one for the last day, but other things came up…

Day Thirty-Three

Storms.  I woke up to a red, orange, and pink sky – absolutely beautiful.

These storms display the power and majesty of God like nothing else.  Wow.


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