Five Through Eight

Day Five

These journals that prove,

over and over again,

that He is faithful and good, and has forgiven my past.

Day Six

Music!  A powerful, wonderful means of giving back to

Him for all that He’s given me.

Day Seven

The three trips to Belize He gave me.

Every single time He has provided every single thing necessary,

materially and emotionally and spiritually.

Day Eight

These two.

Partners in crime, stand-up (sit down?) comedians.  Way too cute.

These photos are visible reminders of what I am grateful for.  They are gifts that the Lord has given me, showing me His everlasting love.    As I take the photos and write snippets about them, I am seeing how blessed I am…

He is so good.  All love.


One thought on “Five Through Eight

  1. Amy,
    I am enjoying reading of how God our Father has wrapped you in His love, like a warm winter wool coat! Day by day, moment by moment it is incredible to think we can dwell…in His presence and experience even more of His deep love for us, His children.
    Love you.

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