How He Loves

I don’t always love others, so He can’t love me.


I over-exaggerate, and isn’t that lying?  So He will hold that against me.


The other girls always look so much better than me.  I know I shouldn’t think about that–it’s not right and He made me this way on purpose–He’ll give me what I deserve for not being satisfied.


I sometimes get angry when children don’t obey me.  Since He’s perfect, how much more anger must He have for me when I don’t obey!


There’s a promise in the Bible, and I want to cling to it but He wouldn’t come through on that for me.


God wants a deep relationship with ME.  Why?  Because He loves me.



I have a hard time accepting God’s love.  It doesn’t make sense to me; I am so faulty and so inadequate and so downright terrible.  Why–How can He love me?  And me individually, as in the girl with this name and hair and eyes and street address and interests and passions.  How can He be so specific?

There are so many lies that Satan feeds me, and I can so easily buy into them.  The truths of the Bible are always in my head, but sometimes it takes a while before they make it to my heart.  I know God loves me, deeply and beyond comprehension.  I’ve experienced it, and I see it.  But I want to fully understand it.  And in an effort to do so, I have given myself a project.

Starting four days ago, I have been using photography to make note of visual proofs that God is interested in me.  Proofs that He loves me, this individual.

Day One

His Love Letter, written to the world and with me in mind.

Day Two

My daily walks with the gorgeous fall foliage and other little surprises.

Day Three

Four mornings in a row beginning with rain, rain, and more rain.

He knows how much I like rain.

Day Four

The beautiful plants He’s given me through various means.

He knows that I thoroughly enjoy them.

{Listen:  “How He Loves” by Kim Walker or David Crowder Band}


2 thoughts on “How He Loves

  1. Love your photos and the choices you made for plants in the “glass House” – cute!! How unique it is to see the orange leaves caught in the bee hive. Perhaps they like interior design like us humans. (:`) Very nice, Luv U – “Mum”

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