Today I have more time to write, so hopefully I’ll be able to remember everything worth writing about.  Summer school is officially over, as of Friday.  The two weeks went by very quickly.  Every day was a bit chaotic and hectic.  And I won’t go so far as to say that every day was easy, because that’s certainly not the case; but every day held its own joys and blessings.  The kids truly enjoyed coming, and I truly enjoyed seeing their faces!  They learned new dramas and dances, recipes and games, and were able to refresh their knowledge in reading and writing and arithmetic.  Plus they got to ride the buses to and from the base, which is something they take immense pleasure in.

The summer school program went from 9:00am to about 2:45pm.  Once the kids left, all of us teachers would run around like crazy (depending on how much adrenalin we had left) to clean up and be done for the day.  Oftentimes my afternoons were spent going to the river, walking to a friend’s house, picking and eating oranges and avocados, reading, getting dinner ready, and getting myself ready for church or Bible study.  Below is a picture of my friends and I on our walk in the gardens next door (L-t-R: Melody, Katie, me, Rachel).

Yesterday all of us teachers went to Old Belize, which is a historical part of Belize–like a museum.  It’s out on the ocean, and our main purpose in going was to spend time swimming in the natural saltwater pool.  There is also a slide (at least 65 feet high) and a rope swing, both of which are very fun.  So we spent the day there, relaxing and goofing off.  I found a chair in the shade and read for a good part of the day, which was a blessing.  God is always teaching me.  I am learning the truth in the Psalm: “How sweet are Your words to my taste, Sweeter than honey to my mouth!” (119:103)

Things here at the base have quieted down.  The teams are gone; we dropped the last two girls off at the airport yesterday morning.  Currently there is only one other girl staying here with me (she will be here until November).  It’s really nice having her here, especially since she’s a friend I know from last year.  We are staying in the girls’ dorm, just the two of us.  Tomorrow Pastor Ron and Sondra fly out for the States, so there will be even fewer people here.  And next, it’s my turn.

It’s hard to believe I’ve lived here for almost three months.  In 12 days, I’ll be back home in the States.  It’s bittersweet… there are many things I’m going to miss about Belize and life here.  Some things I’ll probably bring back with me.  But there are also many things about home that I miss.  These last two weeks have yet to be discovered; I do not know what they will hold.  God will continue to reveal Himself to me, and I’m just looking forward to that every day.


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