Brief Update

“The Lord is gracious and full of compassion, slow to anger and great in mercy.”

Psalm 145:8

What a great God!

This past week has been different.  There is a team of four here, a team that comes year after year to conduct a drama camp with the Belizean youth.  They all have been working hard learning their dramas and songs, and they will present them all on Sunday at church.  Tonight they are in town performing for passersby.  A great ministry!

Once again, the majority of my week has been spent in the kitchen.  I really enjoy cooking for so many people!  It’s chaos sometimes, and usually incredibly hot, but it’s fun.  We have been feeding the kids in drama camp, too, which is an additional 25 mouths.  That means feeding about 40 people every lunchtime.  Thursdays are typically the most intensive, since it’s burrito day.  I actually thought that I was going to lose muscle by coming down here and not exercising like I did at home, but it’s quite the opposite–tortillas make sure of it!

Wednesday I went with the drama team down to the river heading into San Ignacio.  Pastor Ron and I whipped out hamburgers for lunch (they have a nice big grill on the lawn there), and everyone swam and jumped off the banks.  After lunch I walked into and around town with two of the women from the team.  It was nice, sunny, and hot!

Last night Pastor Ron, the little girls, the boys, the team, another girl, and I went into San Ignacio to get ice cream and walk around.  It was just dark enough that the street lights shone against the grey-blue sky… it looked so pretty.  The stars are bright here, because there isn’t much smog.  And before I continue, let me briefly update you on the family situation here.  Delmi and Dani are no longer staying here;  they decided to return to their mom.  So for about a week, Irma and Elbia were the only two girls here.  They were positively wonderful together.  Then another little girl needed a place to stay, so eight-year-old Nicole moved in a couple of nights ago.  Irma was especially glad to have someone closer in age to her (though Nicole is closer in age to Elbia).

Today was quiet, as the team went to the beach and Pastor Ron took the girls to a pool.  Our last day of quiet for two weeks.  Tomorrow we pick up seven more people, five of whom will be here for one week and two of whom will be here for two.  Sunday another woman flies in to spend a week.  Monday marks the beginning of Summer School, which will last for two weeks.  We are expecting 100 kids!  I am excited for this year’s program, because it includes many more subjects and a different setup than what we had last year.  The kids are really going to enjoy it.  Instead of teaching reading as I did last year, I am in charge of the cooking class.  I’m stoked.  And I’m very thankful for all the preparation I’ve gotten already this summer cooking for teams.  This is a first, though: handling amounts of food to feed 100+ people in one day.  Whew!

Thank you for your continued prayers, dear friends.  They DO make a difference.  Please continue to pray for everyone here (in case you need names: Ron, Linda, Sondra & Ayva, Andrew, Junie, Akeem, Melvin, Ben, Elbia, Irma, Delmi, Dani, Nicole, Heather, and Allison).  Please also pray that I will run wholeheartedly after the Lord and desire Him with all of my being.  I hope you are learning more and more about the Lord through my journey here; that you are seeing Him and what He is doing.  He must be glorified!


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