When There’s Nothing Left

Maybe you’ve been to that place.  You’ve run the race of faith so hard and learned so much and thought you’d experienced enough to last a while…  Then the next thing happens, and you simply can’t take it.  Hadn’t there been more than enough pain and trials already?  Hadn’t you already given all you had to give?  You throw up your hands and fall to your knees, sobbing and saying you’re done.  You have nothing–nothing–left.

What do you do?

What’s the only thing you can do?

Praise Him.  Sounds backwards, but what else can you do?  You could curse Him, but you know where that will get you.  You could stop talking to Him and stop listening to Him, but you know the result of that, too.  So you’re left with praising.  And that will bring you far.


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