Proving Him

Have you ever tried to prove yourself?  You know, make sure people see certain qualities in you or don’t see certain qualities in you.  I have found myself doing that often, trying to prove myself to the people around me.  I want them to see me in a certain way, and sometimes I go to whatever extent necessary to make sure they see it.

You can figure out how unbiblical that is.  It’s not at all what the Lord wants.  But He showed me something else yesterday as I was thinking about it.  What if I were to put all of that energy into proving Him?  Instead of trying to prove myself, what if I aimed to show people His qualities?

What if I set out to show people His love; His goodness, kindness, patience, tenderness?  What if my heart’s desire was truly that people would know Him and how wonderful His character is?  What if I decided to live every minute so that He would be glorified?

I can do it in the simple things.  Wash the dishes and sweep the floors so that people know God’s service.  Let the little girls finish talking before commenting so that they know God’s patience and genuine interest in our daily affairs.  Take the dirty jobs so that people know God’s humility.  Stand in the isle on the bus so that the elderly woman has a seat, that people would see God’s love in not seeking my own.

I don’t need to prove His existence.  I don’t need to prove His Word.  He speaks for Himself.  But He speaks through lives–I can let Him speak through mine.

**Listen:  The Proof of Your Love–For King and Country**


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