Here Comes the Rain

“Blessed are the pure in heart,

For they shall see God.”

Matthew 5:8

The storm has begun.  Yesterday we went to the airport to pick up another team–this time 21 more people, from NY.  They are here for a week, then we drop them off and pick up another team.  We will have people coming and going for the next four weeks straight.  It’s craziness!  Once they all leave, there will be two weeks “off” before the kids start school and I leave for home.  There’s one storm.

Then there’s a literal storm.  It’s hurricane season, and we’ve been getting some rainstorms.  Apparently they’re not as frequent as they have been in years past, which I’m a little bummed about.  Today and tomorrow, however, are supposed to be quite rainy.  We just had a downpour; the water came down so hard it looked like a sheet of bumpy glass.  The wind picks up, the trees start swaying violently, and then the rain is dumped.  It’s awesome.  There’s the second storm.

The third storm is in the making.  It began two months ago and will continue for another month.  God’s rain is pouring down on me as I’m here in Belize.  I have gone through fire after fire, but I always come out purer.  The Lord has been revealing more to me about Himself than I ever dreamed of.  And I know it’s not over yet.  He has much, much more in store.  Sweet Jesus, bring on the rain!

This summer has, overall, gone by quickly.  There have been days that seem like years, but as I look back now it all seems like a blur.  That’s not even because of all that goes on in a day here on earth; it’s all that goes on in a day in the spiritual realm.  Oh my, it can so easily be exhausting!  Yet the joy of the Lord is my strength.  His promises hold true; He is faithful forever.  What a wonderful God He is!

Yesterday on our way home from the airport the bus broke down.  Not driveable.  We had only gone ten or fifteen minutes of our hour-and-a-half drive.  We parked in a decent-sized parking lot (which happened to belong to a mechanic) and hung out.  Nobody was able to do anything to fix the bus, so we all waited for another bus to come.  About three hours in the parking lot with four little girls who were incredibly bored.  The team was good-natured about it though, and the girls found some puddles to play in and coal to draw hopscotch tiles with.  When the next bus finally came, the guys loaded the luggage on and we left for home.  ETA: 6:30, exactly when youth group started.  The team had to eat dinner first, and they were scheduled to give the message.

Well we got on our way and decided to stop quickly so people could use a public restroom.  Turned the bus off… and couldn’t turn it back on.  The battery was done.  More prayer!!  Satan didn’t want us home.  It was a nice adventure, but youth group had to go on.  Eventually, miraculously, another battery was found and the bus started back up.  Hallelujah!  We got home at almost 7:00.  I hurried to help get the girls dinner and feed the team, then I ran down to the church to help the other leaders with youth group.  Thankfully games are always scheduled to be first, so the teens were still relaying and fooling around.  The team made it down a bit later and was able to participate in a few of the games before setting up for and giving the message.  The message was good.  It seems that the theme of love, loving one another and loving the Lord, has been prevalent in the past few messages.  God is working!

Please continue to pray for the little girls and for things here at the house.  Pray also that I will always be open to the Lord and His leading, and that I would hear His voice clearly.  Thank you, friends!


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