Mangoes, anyone?  There is at least one mango tree here on the property, along with some lime trees and many palms with coconuts.  The little girls love picking mangoes and putting their “stuff” on them.  I’m not yet sure of all that the “stuff” includes; spices and vinegar, but I don’t know exactly which spices.  They also love to employ the boys to climb up on the roof to cut down the coconuts.

You’d think these things would yield a lot of coconut flesh and water, right?  I thought so, until one was cut open and I saw the flesh only about the size of a baseball.  It is delicious, and certainly doesn’t last long.  I would get a picture of the limes, but they’ve all been used up.  Seems like any time one of them gets ripe it’s picked and immediately used for juice.

We’ve had a lot of fun this past week.  I wrote on Tuesday that it was a crazy week, and it continued to be until Saturday morning when the team left.  The team worked hard all week, and we were able to get out a few times to take breaks.  We drove up to Spanish Lookout to get ice cream, drove up to Cayo (San Ignacio) to get ice cream and walk around the town, and went swimming in a somewhat nearby pool.  The kids of the house are all done with school, so they’ve been running around and playing in the little plastic pool.  The girls also just got bikes, so they have been very busy riding around the base.  They’re getting really good at riding, too.

Saturday I went on the bus with the team to the airport, because the little girls and half of the kids from the village decided to go with.  It was utter chaos, and a very long drive.  But it was fun!  On the way back we stopped at a store and the kids all got $1 juice and $1 chips.  What a treat!  The ride home was much quieter, since they didn’t have so many Americans to jump on and talk with.  Many of them actually fell asleep.  It was sweet to watch.

Yesterday was very relaxed.  Since church is at night, we just hung out all day.  Pastor Ron and Miss Linda left around noon to meet with another couple for lunch, so the rest of us went out for chicken.  There’s a little restaurant down the road a ways that we always go to for lunch on Sundays.  Fried chicken and fried rice/french fries, and a soft drink.  (A lot of the food here is fried.)  After chicken, we came home and dispersed.  I played card games with Delmi and Irma for a while.  Have I ever mentioned what great laughs they have?

The boys went to a youth program overnight from Saturday to Sunday, so they came home Sunday afternoon.  There are two ways to tell if the boys are home: 1) they can be heard down the road, and 2) the food is gone.  They brought a couple of friends home with them, so they were especially loud out playing basketball.  I helped the girls fill the pool with water so they could go swimming, but that didn’t ever happen.  Instead we had a full-blown water fight.  All four little girls against me.  And it all started because I said they could get my feet wet.  Dani thought maybe my legs needed to cool down, and then the rest of me too.  It was hilarious.  I held on to the hose for as long as I could, but eventually they got it and chased me all over the driveway.  It wore all of us out!

I wish I had some more pictures to post, but I was only able to grab a few throughout the week.  Below you’ll see: the base from the back–the girls’ dorm, the shop, the main house, the boys’ dorm, the boys’ rooms, and the church; Dani being goofy; Delmi and Irma eating their mango; and the back of Jaleel (I apologize for not getting his beautiful eyes; he wouldn’t turn around!).

There has been a lot going on spiritually that I am not ready to share.  God has been so faithful and merciful–as if He could be any different!  He has been working wonders here.  He has been growing me immensely, which is why I’m here.  He’s teaching me about His mercy and how He blesses abundantly.  He has answered prayers and brought justice and been so GOOD!


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  1. The eyes, the eyes of the children see the majesty and the greatness of God. They are the ones, pure and innocent that reveal the Father’s heart! I love reading your blog, and hearing how our Holy Spirit is growing you in ways not explainable! I hear it in your words describing the children, even the fruit! The sweet fruit of the Spirit! Love you, Amy! …Ruth

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