Mind Blown

“You’re everlasting love is higher, higher, higher than the sky.  You’re everlasting love is deeper, deeper, deeper than the sea.  You’re everlasting love is higher, higher, higher than the sky.  You’re everlasting love is deeper, deeper, DEEPER than the sea.”

I’m in “my” little room down the hall from the girls’ room, and all I hear is the girls singing those two verses over and over and over and over.  Just when I think they’ll get tired of saying the same thing, they start right back up again.  How precious!  God certainly won’t get tired of hearing them.

This week has been crazy, and it’s only Tuesday.  In fact, I have not written this post in one sitting.  I wrote the above, then went down the hall to play with the girls before bed (they were making a lot of noise–trying to climb up the walls–so I snagged them and plopped them back on the rug with their Legos… and got sucked in), then made a snack for the team, and now I’m back.  This morning I was told that I had half an hour before I needed to leave with the team to help them with their VBS program in a couple of schools.  Bummer for me, I got to see all the kids!  The team did a great job with the program, and the kids loved it. After the programs, we went out to lunch at the world’s best taco stand.  It’s a huge favorite.  Literally a hole in the wall, though; one lady from the team kept asking how on earth anyone even found the place.  (Maybe by using their noses?)  The food is amazing.  They have burritos, tostadas, salbutes, panadas, garnaches, tacos, and fruit juices like no one else.  Mmmm.

After lunch we all went back to the base.  The team turned around and left again to go work on building a veranda somewhere, so we had some peace and quiet until the kiddos got home from school.  Two of the girls were home already (Irma is homeschooled, and Delmi came home “sick”), but they are pretty good at entertaining themselves.  So I stole away to one of my favorite places here and prayed and read my Bible.  God is showing me so much about His mercy, and I am trying so hard to understand.

But I also wonder, is that even possible?  To fully understand His mercy?  I’m not sure it is, at least not on this side of Heaven.  Why is God so good?  Why does He love like He loves?  Think about that.  Do you realize how utterly wretched we are and how bound for Hell we are?  Why would–how could–a perfect God love us?  It blows my mind.  We don’t deserve anything good, and yet He says He wants to give us good things.  Like a father with his child.

Oh the mysteries of God.  The incredible, awesome, amazing character of God.  You could try to think of how God could be better, but I guarantee your version would be worse in some way.  He’s truly perfect.  You could think that He should be always loving and never disciplining, but what kind of love would that really be?  You could think that He should have created the world with no opportunity for sin, but again, what kind of love would that be?  We’d have no free choice; we’d all have to love Him, and is forced love really love?  God wants us to love Him, and He is so patient with us regardless of what we do.  Just think.  Have you ever heard or seen God tell someone he can’t have forgiveness?  or love?  or a new beginning?  What kind of God is this?

God.  Perfect and holy and wonderful.  Wow.


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