An Update–With Pictures!

Aren’t they adorable?  These are the babies running around here right now.  There are three adult cats as well, plus the three dogs.

Below are pictures from my fun with the little girls.  This pool has gotten quite a bit of use since they got it last week.  Pictured are: Irma, Dani, and Elbia.  Delmi came later and jumped in, but refused to be in any pictures.  I’ll have to catch her at a later date.  :)

Now you have a small glimpse of life here, thanks to some work on behalf of my parents to get the pictures up.  There will be more to come.

This past week has been hectic but fun.  The team came Saturday–26 people.  Right now, the first thing I think of when I hear the word “team” is “food.”  As I mentioned earlier, there are two women who work here in the kitchen–Kelly and her mom, Blanca.  They do the housework for the family here as well.  And, they do the cooking for the teams that come.  This week I have been in the kitchen… all. day.  It’s a lot of fun, actually, to cook and talk with these women.  They’ve taught me a lot about Belizean cooking, and even helped me fulfill one of my goals: master the art of making flour tortillas.  Mmmm.

The cooking and baking part has been crazy.  I’ve never cooked meals for 40 people (that includes a bunch of teenage boys) constantly, every day.  Yesterday was burrito day (lunch), with fried rice for dinner.  That’s a lot of cooking, because both meals are quite involved.  As breakfast was cooking we had the beans going.  We made tortillas for 1.5 hours, then assembled the burritos for another half hour.  Once we’d finished the burritos, we jumped into making the rice.  Lots of chopping, boiling, stirring…  Lots of standing.  And talking. And laughing!  And last night my friend and I made lime pies and lime slushies.  There’s a lime tree here on the property, as well as some coconut trees and a mango tree.  (Have I mentioned how good the fruit is?!)

The team has been very appreciative of everything, food and otherwise.  They built a house for a couple named David and Sonia, who have four boys and lived in a little shack that leaked and was really dirty.  David and Sonia had been praying for years and trusting God to bring them a new house, and now the Lord has answered their prayers.  The new house came out great, and they were overjoyed.  The dedication took place Wednesday, and yesterday some people from the team returned to help them move in.  Today the team is all out at the beach for their last day.

There has been a lot more going on behind the scenes.  I ask that you be praying for the kids who live here.  Pray that their hearts would be turned toward Jesus, that they would deeply desire Him and seek His face.  Pray for wisdom for Pastor Ron and Linda and the other adults here, and that they would be continuously seeking God themselves.

One more thing.  Make some time today to listen to the song link below.  Worship along.


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