This morning I awoke to find one of the top bunk beds, the one with all the extra pillows, covered in fire ants.  Swarming.  The other day they had invaded all three of my bags.  In case you don’t know, fire ants are nasty.  They bite, and it hurts!  Hence the name.  When you step in a swarm of them, they quickly climb up you and bite all the way.  Ouch.  So I grabbed the pillows and put them on the back porch of this dorm, and flung the ants off with my flip flop.  I tried to get a picture of an ant for you, but they moved too quickly.  :)

However, I did get a few other pictures.  When I came back into my room, one of the cats had decided it needed my bed.  The lighting is bad so I don’t have a good picture for you of her, but I got a few pictures of her adorable kittens!  (Note: I just tried to upload them, and it’s not working.  So sorry.  I’ll keep trying.)

Friday night the kids from the surrounding villages came for a program called Salt and Light.  These kids are youger, probably up to about 11 or 12 years old.  The older kids (about 13-18 years) have a Saturday night youth group.  Friday night began with singing worship songs, one of which I especailly enjoyed.  It’s called “Jesus is My Superhero” by Hillsong Kids (  The kids had motions to the song and were very ethusiastic–I really wished I had my video camera.  It wasso fun and funny!  There was a video clip shown with the message for them, and then they broke up into groups to do some coloring.  I ask that you pray for these children, and for the youth group kids, that they will truly experience the love of Christ and desire to know Him.  Pray that they won’t just go through the motions–pray that their hearts would be forever changed.

Saturday we all sort of hung out.  I did a bit of work for Ms. Linda, and one of the sweet girls here (Delmi, 10) jumped in and helped.  Yesterday I got up and ready for church and waited around to see where everyone else was.  I finally heard a few of the younger girls outside, so I went out to see them.  They were still in their pjs!  I asked Irma (11) if we had church and she said yes.  “What time?”  “6:30.”  At first I thought I’d missed it, but then I realized she meant 6:30pm.  Irma had a real good laugh at me.  In fact, she later told her older sister about it and they both laughed.  It was funny.  I changed, and spent a good portion of the morning playing house with the little girls.

On that note, let me introduce you to the people here.  The “little girls” are Delmi, Irma, Dani (5), and Elbia (7).  There are a few teenage boys (I don’t know their exact ages, though): Juni (14?), Melvin (16), Benjamin (18), and Akeem (17?).  Pastor Ron and Ms. Linda Braaten run the base and parent the children, and their daughter Sondra has moved back from the States as well.  Heather and Allison are a young married couple who live down the street but come over to help out (Allison is the Braatens’ adopted son), and Andrew is a young man who has lived here for five years helping the Braatens.  I think that’s everyone…

Back to yesterday.  We all went out for fried chicken at lunch (a Sunday tradition), then came back and laid low until church.  After dinner we got ready for church and then met at 6:00 for prayer in the church.  Once people came, we had worship–amazing worship.  So good.  The Spirit came and brought His anointing, and we worshipped with hands and voices lifted high.  What a blessing, to be ushered in to the Throne Room by the Spirit!

There are many miracles I’ve seen so far.  They’re ones that have been in me individually, just watching how the LORD has pulled all things together.  There have been struggles that I’ve only made known to Him, but He has passed them along to others in order that they might faithfully pray.  He is good!


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  1. Hey! This is so cool! I’m so glad you’re having a great time already and hearing all these stories is so neat! Your mom sent me the link to this so now I’m following you too :) Can’t wait to hear more about your time there! Praying for you lots! Love, Bri

  2. Amy,
    So wonderful to hear about the worship….there is no better place to be than in the throne room worshiping King Jesus! I pray that your ministry will become more defined in these next days. Thank you for the introduction to your friends…love you, Ruth

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