Join the Journey

This post is a bit explanatory in nature.  There are some things I need to clarify, and a request I need to make.

The LORD is calling me to full-time missions, as many people know.  However, my ultimate destination is unknown at this point.  Yes, I have been to Belize multiple times and am attached to the country and people–but I do not know if that is the country God wants me in for the rest of my life.  Over the months He has been showing me other countries and the needs accross the globe; only He knows where I’ll be permanently.  He has revealed to me that I will be taking in children at some point, and working to restore generations of people.  (How great is our God!)  But where?  When?

These upcoming three months in Belize will provide answers.  I am fully confident that the LORD will show me the next step, and lead me exactly where He wants me.  Thus, my time in Belize will be a time of intesnse listening while serving.  My request, then, is that you would be faithful in prayer.  Pray that any- and everything that distances me from God will be torn down.  Pray that my breeches will be stopped.  Pray that He will bring His will with clarity, so that I would know that I know that I know.  Pray that I would have a trysting place to meet with Him daily (I can assure you that Satan is going to work his hardest to keep me busy and away from the LORD).

I’m sharing this because I want you, Reader, to be a part of it.  I want you to see the LORD’s glory as He shows it to me and those around me.  HE is the one to be praised, and as a body of believers we must bear each others’ burdens and share each others’ joys.  So, join the journey.  Come with me and see His faithfulness and love.  There is no God like Jehovah!


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