44 and Counting

You know what that means.  Forty-four days until I leave for Belize.

I’m so excited.  In fact, it seems that everything has been reminding me of Belize.  The birds here have been getting up earlier, which means they are already singing and fluttering about when I wake up in the morning.  The weather has been unusually warm; yesterday it was only a few degrees cooler here than in Belize.  I love it.  The smells, too…  I’m pretty nosy, in the literal sense.  My nose is especially sensitive and lets me know just about everything that’s going on.  The flowers that are being pollenated, the cars that are starting, the showers that are running…  The flowers here are not quite like the ones in Belize.  But their scents remind me of the abundance of fragrances that come with Belizean flowers and trees (allspice, anyone?).  Every time I smell diesel, I think of the pickup trucks and buses.  When I opened my door this morning, I was greeted with the smell of someone’s fruity shampoo–exactly what I got last summer as the people at the compound started taking their showers.

Even the sights and sounds.  Yesterday and today the town rooster crowed to let the world know it needs to wake up–there was one of those in Belize, too.  I hear the neighborhood kids laughing and playing, with the birds chirping and squawking, and think of the recess times I had outside with the kids last summer.  The school bus comes around our circle at 2:36pm every school day, full of kids; I can hear the ministry’s buses starting up and getting ready to go pick up the children and families for church.

The tastes, though, are not all the same.  The fruit up here is not like the fruit down there.  Man their fruit is good!  Ours is too, of course, though each country grows different things.  We have apples and peaches to perfection, while they have coconuts and mangoes to perfection.  You won’t find a very decent apple down in Belize, but the other fruit will more than make up for it.  Their bananas and oranges are simply amazing–I don’t know what it is, but they’re just better.  Maybe they’re actually picked at their peak?

I’m getting ready.  And I’m overly excited to be back.  Back with the smells, sights, sounds, and tastes.  But really, I’m most excited to be back with the kids.  To play tag in the mud, to kick the soccer ball around, to read to them and tell them stories, to play skipping rope (jump rope) and do puzzles and push each other on the swings.  To ride with them in the bus as they get dropped off at home, to sing with them in church and praise our Father together.  There’s not much that can beat that.  :)


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